Summer of George demos

by George Costanza

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Recorded in our basement with Golden Joe Varchola.


released May 8, 2012



all rights reserved


George Costanza Kalamazoo, Michigan

a couple of goofs from Kalamazoo

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Track Name: Spaghetti Policy
I stay up half the night
wondering why we're in this fight
I stay in my house all week
I'll never leave, we'll never speak

If you would simply speak to me
I'd show you things much differently

I can't seem to get you off my mind
but, oh well, give it some time
I'll pretend that I don't see you
but that won't make it easy for me

I will wait for no one
but I will wait for you
Track Name: Kids Do Not Like Jazz (Nor Should They)
I wish these years were more than golden
I wish my bike hadn't been stolen

hanging out after school
waiting for mom's dinner

I wish these years weighed more than gold
I miss myself
I'm lost in the cold

forget about it
nothing matters
Track Name: Bonnie Castle Lake
when rain drips
there's bong rips
and I never want to go home again

I've been thinking about my mother
and her brand new lover
I've been thinking about my father
why do I even bother

I've been thinking about my hometown
and why I never come around
I've been thinking about this hellhole
and why I'll never come back

this place is a hole
and I do not know
whether to stay or go
into the unknown
Track Name: Are We Having Fun Yet?
try to sleep with my head on the window
rain beats down keeping me awake
and I don't want to do what I'm going to
good intentions don't mean shit

I feel that I'm making this just so goddamn obvious
but when it comes down to it, it's far from some fucking secret

I don't know how they do it
but the lies break through my teeth

lay awake now, stare out the window
it's been raining here for days
I won't go out, even when the sun comes
good intentions don't mean shit
Track Name: Smiling Politely
I wish you would put up with everyone
the way everyone puts up with you
instead of complaining about everything
just be happy for what you have

tolerance is tolerating those who don't tolerate you
try for once what you've never done and be the bigger man

make an attempt to make a difference
instead of constantly exacerbating things
I think you'll find that you're much happier
when you don't place blame on everyone else

you say the glass is half empty
but at least you have a glass
Track Name: Sweater Weather
I took a look outside my window
summer's done
and I hope that this year's winter months
are as fun

frigid air makes my eyes water
but thoughts of you don't help
sweater weather, rum and cider on the porch
to forget what I just lost

a time when I didn't need you to keep me warm
seasons, they change
a cold turn so unexpectedly

the autumn night air seems to get to me
when I try to go back to sleep
but I can't go without you near me
or at least some thc